Who We Are

MMV Productions is a partnership LLP Company founded in 2018. With Parsa Vahedi’s Music diploma from the Stoke-On-Trent college, it was evident his passion lies in music. The first vision to create a music production company appeared once he began studying an honors degree in producing/composing at the Academy of Contemporary Music. Within his first year at ACM, Parsa has managed to work with the music industry experts and learned from professionals in their fields. Meanwhile, Masoud Vahedi enrolled in a business course at Bournville college in order to follow his passion for business. After he was awarded a business management diploma, he decided to begin an honors degree in Music Business at ACM. He set his mind to fulfill his love for music by joining Parsa Vahedi in starting up a music production company. MMV Productions has developed and strengthened over the past two years. The company has upgraded to be a smart business model in order to become a relevant part of the music industry history. At MMV, we’re determined to become key players among reputable production segments by raising values equal to the industry. At MMV, we believe we do things better.

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